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Microsoft Mixed Reality - anyone with any experiance?


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I wasn’t sure where to post this, so opted for here. We have an HTC Vive in my department that we use with Sketchfab. However, in addition we are looking to get a more portable solution to run off a (good) laptop and are considering one the Microsoft Mixed Reality Headsets ( I was wondering if anyone here has any experiance with any and what you think? How do they compare with other headsets, how is the hand-tracking, and importantly, how do they work with Sketchfab?

Thanks in advance!

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I use WMR for that very reason; it’s so easy to set up for demos. It works fine, but the original position does not correspond to the one set up when you used Microsoft Edge (supported natively with WMR). Using Chrome it works perfectly if you have Steam VR installed. Other than the issue with Edge, it is perfect. I have a Dell Visor and Acer AH101 system and for me, the AH101 is clearer and has a better field of view. I’d be interested to see how these compare with your Vive on this test:
For demos, an operator can transport the user from one annotation site to another using the keyboard; that way we don’t have to give the user a controller with which he/she can get lost and generally mess things up (teleport down an abyss or change the scale).
Hand tracking is perfect as long as your hands are in view of the sensors. Using gyros they will track motion beyond this, but not for long. Everything is rock stable and I think this has improved since early reviews.

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