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Microsoft Outlook inserting 3D models into emails

(Aaronopenshaw) #1

Hi Sketchfab,

I've just noticed that recently Mircosoft have added to Outlook an email insert 3D model option. Do you know of any ways to get Sketchfab models into emails where they retain a level of interactivity as opposed to a link.

I use Sketchup for architectural style modeling and can insert an exported OBJ file into an outlook email but lose the textures.

Being able to insert Sketchfab models will blow my client's minds for 'cutting through the noise', plus its another opportunity to endorse what Sketchfab does!!! At the moment Microsoft appears to be supporting Remix3D only for inserting/linking content from an online source.




Hi Aaron,

That's something that would have to be implemented by email providers. I'm afraid there's not much we can do on our end.

Also Remix3D is a Microsoft product, so it's not surprising they would have some special support there.