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Hey guys. My Name is Miles and I am 3D Artist, I specialize in sculpting, modelling and texturing. Today I just wanted to establish the start of one of my new characters, from now on it will just be a continuation of WIP updates and other comments of interest. But anyway the other day I came across an old concept for a character that I did ages ago, any who I thought that it would be nice to make somthing of it. Its nothing super special but the basic idea that I want to go with, is there. Anyway lets give it my best shot!!! :grinning:

(Mstrumfinart) #2

(Mstrumfinart) #3

GRUNDIG 80s Radio by mstrumfinart on Sketchfab

Another little thing that I have been working on :smile:

(Mstrumfinart) #4

Kimber Pistol by mstrumfinart on Sketchfab

(Mstrumfinart) #5

Side Arm for the AG trooper, ill make sure to post some WIP this time around