MindTex 2, a normal map generator for just 3 usd!

(Hdvdeargentina) #1

A missclick made me lost all what I wrote before creating this topic, so I will be quick:

Yesterday I bought this software:


For just 3 dollars. It's a key for Steam, so you will need a free Steam account to use it.

Here is a video:

Not sure how professional it is, but you can get a pretty good and quick result, even if you know nothing about normals and stuff. You only need a diffuse image, or you can even import other maps to work with it.
You have sliders for better adjustments, a 3D preview to see what those maps do in real time and you can also import your objects for the preview.
This software will create the next maps: diffuse (if you modified it), normal, height, specular, gloss, self illumination, reflections and ambient occlusion.

I just wanted to make you know about this offer. It ends in 10 days, so you have time to think if you will need it or not.
You have free alternatives, yes, but not all of those have sliders and a real time preview.

(Juang3d) #2

That's not a bad software for $3, and it will surely work for some textures, but not all the textures, because it uses the darker colors to get a different height compared to the whiter colors (I think that this software converts the current texture with colors, making violet the darker parts, and blue the whiter parts. Or viceversa). But if you want to get relief in parts that are not darker than others, it won't get a nice result.
Anyway, thanks for sharing!