Minecraft is popular again IG? so made a bunch of models

For the past year my friend and I been working on a MC project
already over 180 models (seen here) https://skfb.ly/6zRzt

hundreds of hours has been poured into the models
all made in a voxel art style to try to match the Minecraft style


A very cool collection, I can tell you guys spent a lot of time on it :+1::+1:

thx, there still many more models to come

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Hi there. Minecraft is still a very popular game, a lot of people is still playing this simple, but really cool game. You have done a really great job, I really like these models. Even though I am not so young, I like to play minecraft too. I have created my own server on http://ggservers.com hosting, and play it sometimes with my friends. Why not?