Mini mad lab in massive mechanical arm [Done!]

(Amandakc91) #1

A mini science lab in what is sort of a light bulb on a big mechanical arm!

excuse the drawing, the model will be better I promise :smile:

(Amandakc91) #2

first w.i.p. screenshot!

(Bart) #3

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(Amandakc91) #4


(Theedstar1) #5

Oh Man your shading i am loving the shading man the lighting its looking incredible man this is gonna be one epic piece i can tell

(Michaล‚ Orzechowski) #6

Very good start! Good luck!

(Amandakc91) #7

thank you!

(Mcsephiroth1313) #8

Cool idea! Love the lighting. Are you gonna texture it?

(Amandakc91) #9

thank you! and yes!, UV unwrapping now :smile:

(Amandakc91) #10

wip3- bit more work on the model

(Theedstar1) #11

it looks so good it could even work in a black and white space very good work man

(Amandakc91) #13

wip4. started texturing the base :smile:

(Theedstar1) #14

Loving the texturing so far lighting is looking very very on point i like the direction this is going nice work

(Amandakc91) #15

thank you!

Here's wip 5, a little bit more texturing.

(Mcsephiroth1313) #16

I really like the subtle color variation in the textures.

(Amandakc91) #17

wip 6. It's been a little while since I've updated this. Most of the texturing is done now. Any feedback is appreciated! :slight_smile:

(Amandakc91) #18

So here's the final model! I added some animations and fiddly bits to bring it to life a bit. Hope you like it!

Lightbulb Lab by amandakc91 on Sketchfab

(Mcsephiroth1313) #19

This is beautiful. Very nicely done. That subtle humor on the screen got me :joy:
I do wish there was a little more light in the scene so I can see the mechanical arm at the bottom more.

(Amandakc91) #20

Thanks for the feedback, I'll try and see if I can do something about the lighting tomorrow!