Mini Wireless Bluetooth Controller / Sketchfab Google Cardboard?

Hi Sketchfabbers,

So, how does one interact w/ a cardboarded model? (I.e. orbit/zoom/pan/etc.) Will a mini wireless controller work, or is it even required?



P.S. Expecting an Unofficial 2.0+ Cardboard VR Viewer, tomorrow!:smile:

P.S. I know you can simply "look around", but what about easily covering distance, and getting behind/inside things?

Nothing native yet, but we're thinking about / working on it!

Check out this thread for a cool API hack:

Thx, @james. Will check the link. Guess I'll find out how things work once I get the cardboard...

P.S. FYI, throwing big shindig with math nerd friends, soon; looking forward to "wowing" them:)

OK, checked link: looks like we're on the bleeding edge right now! I see great potential, though...