Mirrored normals problem

Dear Staff

I’ve been having a problem with normals on mirrored surfaces not displaying right. They look fine in other programs, the texture itself is fine, but every piece of the model that is mirrored has this issue. This issue was already discussed in another topic, the advised solution was to check the Loc/Rot/Scale if they were inverted, which turned not to be the case in my situation.

Just guessing. Have you tried inverting green channel on Sketchfab or texture itself?

Inverting green channel doesn’t affect vertically faced polygons. Tried inverting red channel.

Oh right, its the Red channel. OK, hmm… is there any sample file you could share? I could do some test and see if I can figure this one out.

You need the low poly with normal map?

Yes, so I can try it myself and see what I can do to fix this

Sorry I’m not sure I see the issue. Can you post a side-by-side screenshot of Sketchfab vs the expected result?

Oh yeah, we found a solution for this one in private chat


2nd Instead of importing as OBJ just import as FBX.

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