Missing Meshes in Re-Upload

In a few projects now (with and without animation), when reuploading a model with additional meshes, sometimes they don’t appear. I haven’t done a deeper analysis on how to reproduce this.

I export fbx from Blender and upload them in a .zip using the website.

If somebody from staff wants to look at it, it’s the model called “Attisholz 210827 - Duplication”.

(Image on the top is in Sketchfab, below is in Blender)

Hi there. Looking at the model that you reference, it seems to have all the parts. Were you able to resolve the issue that you were having?


Hi abbyec, thank you for the quick reply.
I’ve discovered that the missing models were just not parented to the animation rig. Trying to fix this, I’ve reuploaded it again, but now the model doesn’t even rotate anymore. ^^# A completely new upload works however.

I’ve reuploaded another model. It caused the same bug where the whole model does not interact anymore. The new upload is called “Attisholz 210909 02”.

That is strange. I’ll check in with our 3D team, but they (and I) may not be in again until Monday, so please be patient. :slight_smile: