Missing St Nicolaus Church environment

(Lizardsking) #1

For gold materials only good environment is St Nicolaus Chuch and now it is missing. Why?

(Gistold) #2

Hello Lizardsking,


For gold materials only good environment is St Nicolaus Chuch

Do you have any example ?
Because, I think it's not true, lot of ENV is nice for each materials.
Example :

This result is possible with a lot of ENV, you have maybe exaggerated ? :smiley:
BUT, If you have one example of the result you're looking for, I would be happy to help you.

Also, we will make available a news ENV map soon and one Chuch :wink:
Do not hesitate to post an example.


(Lizardsking) #3

I didn't mean only good, I meant the only one I liked if it sounds more clear.
I just wanted to know why would you delete it?

(Dark Minaz) #4

I guess his issue is more that we used to have it and now it's suddendly gone
not sure if you can import env's as free user to "fix" that.

But 3 new ones sounds great.

(Gistold) #5

Hello Lizard,

Ok, I understand, if this ENV has been deleted (with few other one), it's only for quality interest, I think if you try "Trinitatis_Church", for example (actualy available), you will like it!

Lizard, this ENV (St Nicolas Chuch) is very good ENV, you're right, 100%.
But, Trinitatis_Church is the St Nicolas evolve! trust me.

ps (@dark_minaz) :
When you apply a ENV and save your model in sketchfab, if this ENV is deleted by Sketchfab, he stay on your model, so np, but if you remplace a ENV map deleted and that you save, the old ENV is not keep, effectively.