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Missing Thumbnail on twitter embeds / general thumbnail issues

(1008008) #1

Hi - I’m having inconsistent results with my twitter embeds.
Sometimes a thumbnail shows up, sometimes a blank grey thumbnail.
Is there any way to make sure ther is a thumbnail?
I have tried publc / private / draft models and all are inconsistent.

(1008008) #2

So - If I upload my sketch via the C4D plugin - I get a nice thumbnail.
But If I upload via FBX, I get a blank grey thumbnail.
Anyone else having trouble, or got any ideas?

(1008008) #3

I now understand that this is not to do with twitter embedding, but more a general issue with thumbnails.
Any help and experience appreciated.

(Tiagojdferreira) #4

Hi @1008008

If you have models that don’t have a thumbnail, you can go into the editor and click on save view. This wil generate new thumbnails. Once these are generated, it may take a while for cache to clear and for twitter to update it, so don’t expect the results to be immediate.

Hope this helps

(1008008) #5

Thanks for the clarification


You also need to make sure you don’t share the links on Twitter too early because they will cache the old thumbnail / metadata. You should be able to update it with this tool:

(1008008) #7

Thanks for this.
I don’t know for sure which part of the chain the problem was happening as there are two moving targets:

1: Sketchfab takles an unkonown amount of time to create a thumbnail, and therre is no log/feedback
Maybe the thumbnail in the sketchfab dashboard is accurate and up to date - maybe not - no way of telling

2: Twitter takes an unknown amount of time to update it’s cache.- similar problems.

With neither service logged, it can be hard to know what’s up or which service to try and fix.

Thanks for your feedbackj.