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Mobile 3D scanning and full colour 3D printing. UK

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About this service

ELAT3D ltd offer 3D scanning and full colour 3D printing, our service is totally mobile so we come to you.

  • Website:
  • How to contact:, Call 0333 456 3021

Service description

  • Specialisation: We specialise in scanning people for 3D printing or displaying on websites, we also scan objects for displaying 3D models on websites.
  • Equipment/software: Artec Eva and Structure sensor
  • Location: Lincoln, England
  • Ability to travel: We are fully mobile so we can travel anywhere within the UK
  • Resolution: 0.1mm
  • Guaranteed accuracy: Dependent upon object to be scanned
  • Max / min scannable sizes: minimum size is a head, maximum size is a full person
  • Textures: Full colour textures are applied to every model
  • Deliverable file formats: .obj, .wrl, .stl, .ply
  • Additional services: We have in-house full colour 3D printing, we can make anything from the size of a lego head all the way up to an 16" figuring. We can also offer cold casting of models in bronze.
  • Costs: Costs vary depending on quantity of subjects to scan and distance needed to travel.

Service-specific information

  • We offer: Full Colour 3D scanning and full colour 3D printing
  • Corporate scanning: Display your staff photos in 3D on your website. Show your products in fully interactive 3D.
  • Trade show specialist: Bring people to your stand at a trade show by offering free scanning, this enables you to re-engage with the customer by visiting them to give them the 3D printed model.
  • Private events: Weddings, graduations and special occasions. Whenever you dress up, we can capture you in your full majestic splendor.


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