Mobile app doesn’t support depth of field

(Loganh96) #1

I noticed that the mobile app (at least for iOS) doesn’t support depth of field yet when I use it through my safari browser on my phone it works perfectly. I was wondering if that’ll be a feature soon

(Stephomi) #2

Depth of field is supported on the mobile app as well, I’m not sure I understand the issue, is it on a particular model?

(Loganh96) #3

I’ll post some screenshots of both the mobile app and my browser. The browser supports the feature where I can adjust the focus by tapping on the model. I have an iPhone 6s and have the most recent updates.

sketchfab (2.9 MB)

(Stephomi) #4

Yes my bad, I forgot we disabled postprocess only for IOS on the mobile app.
We’ll see if we can enable it or not, but no promise though.

(Loganh96) #5

Alright thanks! If not, is there anything in the works for an AR mode on mobile browsers?

(Arthur Jamain) #6

Hey there !

Unfortunately, there is no short term plan to support AR in the browser version. The browsers themselves are not quite ready to manage this, but we will most likely try to implement it as soon as the technology is available.

The app will have this problem fixed in the next update though, which will happen in the coming weeks.

(Loganh96) #7

Thanks for the support guys!