Mobile optimization


(Flightofview) #1


I upload my model normally.
I embed script in my site, but when I try to click from my site to see it, I read message that my model it’s not optimized for mobile.

how can upload my model to risolv this problem?


(Bart) #2

Could you share the link to your page? And in which browser/OS are you trying to view it?

(Flightofview) #3

Hi Bart,

the model si:

iPhone 6
IOS 11.2.2

Thank you

(Bart) #4

Hi Maurizio,

the message makes sense; your model has 700,000 polygons, which makes it rather heavy for mobile devices. You should not see this when you display the model on a desktop browser.

Given that the model is relatively simple, I think you can decimate it and make it much smaller. This will help display it on a mobile device. You will find some good articles about that here.

(Flightofview) #5

Hi Bart
Thank you.
I understand.