Mobile performance

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I came here hoping there was a native SDK because we have so much trouble displaying larger models within our iOS webview. Due to memory, iOS shuts down the browser pretty quickly when the user is interacting with the model or during the texture loading. It'd be nice if iOS mobile safari support was more stable or a native SDK came out. This isn't just a webview issue, we just can't view most of our models through iOS safari because it'll just restart the browser after a couple minutes.

iOS / Android App

The model viewer is hardware-accelerated, so the performance depends completely on the specific device and the specific model. Can you give me an example link so I can take a closer look?

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We look at a lot of them on our ipad pros and iphone 7s and we still have issues. Here is an example embed link that will crash our most powerful phones/tablets


DroneDeploy models are pretty much always too heavy for mobile devices - 4 million polygons and 16 4k textures.

By the way, the maxTextureSize parameter is undocumented and shouldn't be relied on. Additionally, it's now snake case max_texture_size.