Model albums/ model sorting

(Radoslaw Kurczewski) #1

There is one feature that is not really hard to do, but would be immensely helpful to artists, namely- possibility of a) sorting models (by popularity, name, date) b) grouping them (and thus organizing a way in which they are shown on artist page). At the moment options of doing it are rather limited (almost non- existing) and consider that: when approaching customer it is natural, that I'd like him to see my best models first. OR to put models I am sharing with community for free in separate folder that is clearly marked. OR to group them (characters, weapons, prints). Just my 3 c.

(Fongoose) #2

Hi, That's a great suggestion. I'll put this forward to the sketchfab team. As an alternative, you could use the 'collections' feature to organise your models (Kind of like folders). You can add a model to a collection by clicking '+Add to' under the viewer window. Collections are sorted by 'date added' so the model you added to the collection most recently will be at the top. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

(Radoslaw Kurczewski) #3

Oh- I agree, but those are way harder to work with (thus suggestion). Say- folder for "characters", "weapons" etc etc. From job seeker position it is quite important to be able to determine how viewer sees models sorted. Just an input- not a complaint, really.