Model browser: Download or Animation icons should be clickable

(Aleahy) #1

Hi, when browsing models (on a desktop) the little Animation and Download icons in the top right of the preview don’t accept mouse clicks.

They should probably just click thru to loading the model.

Or maybe the ‘Download’ icon could go straight to the ‘Download Options’ pop over for that model.

Cheers, Andrew



Yeah you’re probably right. The whole card does open the model page though, so it’s currently only a small area that you cannot click.

We’ll work on that!

(Aleahy) #3

Because it’s easy to consume gltf models. I’ve found myself browsing for ‘downloadables’ and wanting to grab them straight away from the thumbnail. Not even wanting to bother checking the model in the viewer.

This is new behaviour sketchfab should be aware of.

I imagine historically the ‘viewer’ was the main reason we came to sketchfab. But now the ‘model library’ is just as important. You know that, that’s why the ‘shop’ has arrived.