Model categories and Apple iOS 11/AR

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Hi Sketchfab team,

I just finished reading a recent article regarding categories for models on Sketchfab. Most of my models, if not all, would fit in to the 'Furniture and Home' category which I feel is a terrible name. Anything interior is suppose to fit into this category. There are massive opportunities for interior design/architecture within 3D, VR and AR visualisation technologies.

I work in Commercial Flooring and the interior design/architecture fields and feel that the Architecture category is a better fit for my work and the market segment I am targeting. Or at least change the category name to Interior Design and Objects or something.

I am interested in your thoughts?

By the way I am getting very excited about Apples iOS 11 update and your support for AR. This is going to be massive!!!

Will the Sketchfab web site and your App (which is also awesome since all models became accessible) be supporting Apples AR as soon as the iOS 11 update drops? Also will the app be supporting higher resolutions on iPads? I've noticed that the apps looks pixelated when run on an iPad. I imagine that AR will be best on the larger screen of a tablet.

Please keep up your amazing work. Sketchfab just seems to keep getting better.

Cheers, Aaron Openshaw


Hi Aaron,

Thanks for reaching out! I'll definitely pass on this category feedback to the team. Could you use both Architecture and Furniture & Home for your work?

We're also very excited about Apple's ARKit, and we hope to implement it in our app soon :slight_smile:

No ETA on an optimized iPad version yet, but it's on our radar!

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Thanks for the quick reply James. To date I've tended to use the two categories but the categories article directs you to select only one.




Sorry for the confusion. We were considering limiting to one category, and now we're considering limiting to two, but a final decision has not been made. For now I think using two is safe.