Model crashes on mobile

(Artliner) #1


I have pretty simple model, that loads fine on desktop but when trying to load on mobile it makes the browser (chrome) and even the Skethfab App to crash!

This is the link to model:

Thanks a lot!

(Paul Sketch) #2


In fact the model is fairly complex, 29581 geometry is way to much for mobile to handle.
(mobile have limited capabilities, especially limited memory)

Targeting under 50 is reasonable, under 100 is stretching limits already.
Most 3D software allow to merge geometries before exporting.
Ideally you should end with 52 geometry, which is the number of material you have in that model

Here’s a more exhaustive documentation on optimizing model for real time on all platforms:

(Artliner) #3

Thanks Paul!

I’ll try your suggestions and update here.