Model deforms when playing animations


(Casterhorst) #1


The issues is simple: When I play the animation "take 001", the entire model streches into a monstrosity. I do not understand why this happens and why it only happens is Sketchfab. Importing the model to a new Maya or Unity scene works splendid. A few weeks ago I uploaded this file and every thing worked just fine. no weird things happening, After making some small adjustments to the animation, and exporting it the same way I did before, this issues popped up.
I've tried the upload the older file, that used to work at that time, but the same thing happens.

Thanks for your help in advance

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(Fongoose) #2

Looks like a scaling issue. Have you tried baking the animation and then exporting?

(Waleguene) #3

Hi @Casterhorst,

We did a few updates to support Maya's "segment scale compensate" option but it generated a few issues like that. A fix has been pushed then, are you still reproducing it ? If yes, could you share a link to the model so that we can investigate and fix it ?