Model deleted by Sketchfab because they think it's a "R1p"


I just got an e-mail from Sketchfab telling me one of my models had been deleted because they think it is a “R1p” and breaches someone’s copyright with no details of how to appeal or more detail about any of these terms, and also that I’ve been given one strike for violating community standards.
I can’t find what constitutes a “R1p” defined anywhere on the Sketchfab site nor does the e-mail tell me whose copyright they think I am violating, and I can’t even use the word on this forum because the word is forbidden, so not even allowed to ask why this happened!? (see attached screenshot)
For the record, the model was a photogrammetry scan of a tabletop wargame I played at a mates house a couple years ago, a scan of the whole table and all the models, scenery etc on it, meaning the detail of any individual object would be so low as to be completely useless to anyone who wanted to reproduce this anywhere in any way. Does Sketchfab think I’d r1pped the model from a computer game? What do they mean by “R1p”? Anyone able to shed some light here?


For more detail, you should reply to the email about the removal or email support directly: