Model disappears when playing animation

(Neighborhoodfox) #1

I seem to have an issue when playing an animation clip. the model disappears.... any help appreciated.

Chudmander by neighborhoodfox on Sketchfab

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @neighborhoodfox,

Thanks for reporting this issue. It has been introduced with the recent changes we made in the FBX processing.
The bones are not visibile (in their visibility curves) and there is a bug that makes that they are not correctly handled.
I am currently providing a fix for that, that will be released soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience, have a nice day :smile:

(Neighborhoodfox) #3

Thanks for the response. I thought I read in the documentation that sketchfab wasn't reading visibility keys from FBXs, but I may have been mistaken. In my example file above, the bone keys were baked off and it looks like all I had to do was to turn those back on.

Model is displaying correctly now, thanks.