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Model displays properly on pc browser, but is displays all black on mobile browsers


(Matmoeb) #1

I submitted a model earlier today that looks good on pc, but displays all black on mobile browsers. This is the first time I've experienced this issue. It is only 750k vertices. Please help me determine the issue.
Strahan Headstone WiP


Sorry about that! A fix is on the way.

(Virtuder) #3

@james, could you please advise when will the fix be implemented?
I tried recently many new Andorid/Chrome phones with 3/4G of RAM and none of them displayed my model

correctly :frowning:
On iPhone it works OK.
I didn't buy any of the Android phones, and maybe some of them would actually work for me then... I though it was a hardware issue...


ETA is tomorrow!

(Virtuder) #5

@james, is IT fixed yet? I tried couple od phones and still get Black models :confused:


@virtuder Yes, the fix was released last week. I just checked the Mercedes-Benz model above on my iPhone 6 and it's working correctly.

(Virtuder) #7

@james, on iPhone - as I stated in my original post - it is OK. However on many powerful phones with 3/4G Ram on Android - the VR doesn't work :frowning:
Includes some Samsungs and I can't work out the problem...

Android performance problem in VR
(Charles Jackson) #8

This may be a similar issue. I am using Chrome on Samsung Galaxy S8. When pressing the "View in VR" button, my screen goes black, then the browser crashes and I'm back at my phone's home screen. I've tried this with a number of Sketchfab models -- I get the same result each time.

We are working on some models that we will show to clients at tradeshows, and having them install a custom Viewer-App to see the VR will not be popular. We'd like them to be able to use whichever browser is on their phone.

(Virtual Field Trips) #9

I uploaded models starting in March 2017 ( and it worked perfectly across platforms (PC all browsers, Android and i Phones). Around November 10th, the Android had issues with teleporting for the first time with Google Cardboard. Now, November 29, 2017, all of the 3D models appear black on the Android in any browser. The 3D models are fine on the PC. However, the user experience on the mobile device is now impossible to use. Originally the UX was without friction and perfect without error, (e.g. the user is on a website, sees a 3D model of interest, they load the 3D model, then select the VR view, place Android phone into Google Cardboard.) Now, they have to exit the website, download your app, open the app, search for the content, then select the 3D model, then the VR view. Not only does the entire task take more time, but the context is destroyed. Please advise on how to fix my 3D models, they are now black in the browser view. How to make it function the way it did in early November, 2017.


Thanks for the report. I'll investigate and follow up to the email you sent.

(Patsej) #11


Sketchfab is great on PC :smiley:
I would love to use it on smartphones.

I see on this page messages from 2017 describing the exact same problem I have now on my mobile (S8).
What is the real issue ?
Is it planned to be fixed ?

Thanks :wink:

(Cly3d) #12

It’s now a year later.
This issue is still there in VR on a Samsung S8.


  • When switching to VR on Samsung S8 from the sketchfab website the model displays black (no texture/lighting)
  • if viewing without clicking the VR button - the model displays fine on the Samsung S8 with HD texture