Model Fails to Load after Status bar fills 100%

(Pteryx Studios) #1

I have a couple models that when viewed, either embedded, directly in Sketchfab, and in the editing window, reach 100% loading bar but then freezes and never loads.

They worked previously, I believe about a week ago.

This is happening everywhere I test, on my Mac Pro in Chrome, Safari, Firefox (doesn't even quite get to 100% in FF), and on my iPhone 6 in Chrome.

Two models:


My other models seem fine, I'm not sure what's causing this or why it's only these 2.

Thanks for your assistance.


Thanks for the report! We'll investigate.

(Dan) #4

Thanks again for reporting this issue to our team.

A fix has been released so your models should now load and play completely.

(Pteryx Studios) #5

Thanks very much Sketchfab Team! Yes they seem to load fine now!