Model fails to load after uploading :(

(Javierdl) #1

According to the issues list, a few meshes had "Normals issues". I believe the rest of the list is for missing textures.
I don't suppose the latter is an actual issue, as one can upload them later, manually.
I did recalculate the normals in Blender for the mentioned meshes, but these meshes still appear in the Error list for the same problem.
If the normals is not the reason why it fails to process it to load it when uploading, then I have no idea what it could be.
Any ideas?



(Waleguene) #2

Hi @javierdl,

Thanks for reporting the issue.
Bad normals don't make the processing to fail, it only affects the rendering (black faces, weird shading), and about the error messages, it seems that there are some unhandled cases where the message is 'wrongly' logged.

What is the error code returned: is it a Invalid (13) or Failed(20) ?

(Javierdl) #3

Thanks for replying waleguene.
There's no error code given. I drop my blend file right on the File Upload pop up window. I don't know if a different method would show an error code.
Btw, the other type of issues mentioned were about some groups of meshes I had created in Blender. The upload process says they have no vertices.
I'll go ungroup those meshes and try again. I hope that'll do.

Actually, I found a good number of things I had to get rid of. I'm trusting things will work after this smile

Newest Update...
Yes! That did it!
I had forgotten some basic adjustments before uploading. Like, removing empties, and applying Scaling & Rotation to bring both to 0.
Got to get used it wink


(Waleguene) #4

Hey @javierdl, happy to see that your upload finally worked smile

Just to give you some more info (that can help you for further uploads)
The error code I was talking about is given in the model page, that you can get with this link:

As for normals, the warning messages about empty objects and "has no vertices" are not the cause of the processing to fail. Applying Scaling and Rotations is not mandatory, your upload should be ok without that since they are handled by the processing.

Do you still have the "not working" version of your model ? I would be very interested to have it in order to find what was causing the issue and provide a fix so that you (and other users) will not have to clean their scene.
You should still have it in the "Upload" page in your profile (failed uploads are kept for some days), could you give me the link of the model page ?