Model Feedback - Looking to eventually sell models


I would love to apply to become a seller on Sketchfab, but I want to make sure that I understand and meet the criteria before applying. I’m hoping that someone here would be able to help give me feedback on my models in order to improve them going forward and make sure I’m making it easy for buyers to use.

[ ✓ ] * All models, textures, and/or animations are the original property of the seller.
[ ✓ ] * Thumbnails, titles, and descriptions accurately reflect the items for sale.
[ ? ] * Models are accurately UV mapped when UVs are used.
[ ? ] * Clean topology is employed.
[ ? ] * Textures and materials are optimized and efficient.
[ ✓ ] * Models are appropriately priced.

Would someone be able to give my models a look and let me know what I should try to do in order to make models “appropriately mapped” & clean up the topology?

hey there , it is good you make a list of requirements you feel are needed. The only thing is that your models dont adhere to this llist?

I looked at a microphone you did :

not very clean lines at all … and the topology, i actually dont know what to say…

also over 200k poly

here is the same mic on sketchfab ,

baked hi to low with normal maps, so 4.5k poly

even if I uploade my hi poly it would be less than yours and the topology is super clean and tidy.

I think you need to just keep working at getting better to be honest…no hard feelings :wink: I gave concrete example as comparisons so you can be honest with yourself.

cheers mate


NO NO NO I appreciate the feedback, and I noticed that my models poly count was WAY higher than comparative models. So please take my gratitude, Im thankful you confirm what I noticed as well. That comparison was also part of the reason I asked.

I create the model in one program, and I don’t bake it or anything at all, I just export.

Any polish tips that I should consider when creating to help contribute to the finished product?