Model fine for a few months, now materials have disappeared


(Danielcane) #1


This model has looked fine after being uploaded a few months
ago, but now the materials are not visible. I’d not changed the settings, and
they’re still correct in the materials editor… (images below)

Any thoughts please?

Many thanks!

Daniel Cane


Hi Daniel,

I turned off Vertex Colors in 3D Settings and it seems ok now.

I'm not sure what changed, or why the rendering is different in settings vs the model page when vertex colors are enabled :confused:


(Danielcane) #3

Many thanks for your prompt response and efforts!!
Sure enough it now looks as I'd set it to where I have it embedded -

And on the model page....

It's black on my account page but for my purposes that's not a big deal.

Thanks again for your efforts!!!


(Stephomi) #4

@james @danielcane The issue will be fixed soon .