Model hangs and takes forever to load (and never does)

(Dubgeneral) #1

Having trouble getting this model to load:

(Dark Minaz) #2

1.1M faces
127 MiB download (model)

probably why it loads so slow. I personally don't have a problem loading it, then again i do have quite a strong graphic card, but you are right, it does load slower then quite a lot of other models. That is probably due the fact it got quite a lot of separate parts

(Johnson Martin) #3

If you have a low-end PC then it's possible you are running out of RAM in order for it to load. Especially if you have a lot of other apps or tabs open.

However if you have a mid to high-end machine, you could have a slow web connection preventing the files from loading properly.

Are you having issues with other models? OR is this an isolated issue?