Model has no color


(Brenden Pilsner) #1

I have uploaded my first model and it is just a glossy white. I am just wondering if this a bug or if it is me.
Here it is:


(Shaderbytes) #2

Maybe some more info would be nice :slight_smile:

What was it supposed to look like? How many materials does it have? did you have any textures in your external version? Did you use the sketchfab editor after uploading etc..

(Brenden Pilsner) #3

@shaderbytes Sorry! Here are the pictures that it was supposed to look like.

I used textures on the band around the hat.
I didn't even know that sketchfab had an editor!
Anything else you need?

(Shaderbytes) #4

I cant say why the colors didnt persist on import , not sure what format you used but anyway you should use the editor always! Since no import is ever a perfect recreation of an offline asset.

Select "3d settings" to access the editor. In there you can navigate to the materials tab. There should be a selection list to select each material imported. You can change the colors , import textures and change all sorts of properties on a per material basis here. You will also find all sorts of other scene related settings here.

hope that helps

(Brenden Pilsner) #5

Very much so. Thank you!

(Blues Snow) #6

Ha found it ! thank you !