Model has no nudity

my model dartgirl has no nudity,but has been restricted for nudity,and an email sent to me that if this happens 3 more times ,me and my over 300 models are gone

Yes it does; you can see it when you inspect the model from inside.

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to be clear …you see her naked under her clothes , so restrict all human models I upload , and tell everyone else to do the same

Not everyone uploading human models decide it’s necessary to model genitals beneath the clothes, but if you see any that do and they aren’t age-restricted, feel free to report them :+1:

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358 models 47.5k views 78.7M triangles 45.6M vertices …deleting it all

That is our policy yes. If we find ‘hidden nudity’ like this we set the model to Restricted and let the user know.

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