Model is all black after upload, Internet Explorer only

(Yucatan) #1

I have had this problem with several uploads (from Photoscan, directly). The model appears OK in Google Chrome, but then in IE, it is completely black, though I can rotate the black mass. Current problem is:

Kiuic, N0970E0850 by yucatan on Sketchfab


I suspect IE couldn't handle the big texture.

The multi-resolution textures have been generated for this model now. Could you try again?

(Yucatan) #3

Thank you, that seems to fix the problem. Can you tell me what I did wrong or how I can avoid the problem in the future? Fewer tiles?


Your original texture is REALLY big - 12288 x 12288.

In fact, we will never display this texture because it is not "power of 2". We generate a 8192 x 8192 version and use that instead. You should make sure to set PhotoScan to power of 2 texture sizes (512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192....)

It takes some time for us to generate the different texture sizes (this happens automatically), which is why it didn't work at first.