Model is pixelated

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When i export my model from Agisoft Photoscan and import it into Skatchfab it's coming in very pixelated. I'm guessing it's one of my export settings in either photoscn or sketchfab?

Heres my sketchfab model

My model looks 100x better in agisoft.

Also my shaded mesh looks way better then my textured mesh in photoscan. Is it possible to use that?


Are you using georeference flags in PhotoScan? Could you disable them?

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Yes I am, I can turn off their visability in photoscan but don't think I can remove their influence all together. Why would GCPs cause this?


My suspicion is that it places the model in a global coordinate system, which creates vertex positions very, very far away from the origin and can lead to precision issues.

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Thank you very much for the help, I didnt export it in its coordinate system and it came out much better. In Agisoft I can veiw my model as a shaded mesh that looks much better visually. Is there anyway to export that to Sketchfab instead of a textured model?


Hmm, the textured mesh is almost always better. For this model I recommend switching to Shadeless mode. If you use the "Upload model..." feature inside Agisoft PhotoScan, it should do this for you automatically:

However, if you still prefer the shaded mesh version, you should be able to either not go through the Texture generation workflow step, or export a file format with Vertex Colors, like PLY.

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That's exactly what I needed to know. Thanks a ton, you were extremely helpful