Model keeps crashing Web Browser


(Maximedup) #1

2 Days ago i uploaded this model from Substance Painter:

Since then, i've tried uploading 3 new versions out of the same mesh, and they all crash the browser.

I've just adjusted textures sets, did some fast UV-mapping, applied a couple materials in Substance Painter. My last try:

Any hint about what creates thoses crashes?

(Maximedup) #2

I deleted the models and uploaded a blank one. Will try to figure out which texture set is an issue while adding them in 3D settings.

(Stephomi) #3

Your model had 90 4k textures... that was too much.

(Maximedup) #4

Yeah, i just realised that Substance painter was resetting my texture resolution while exporting.

Even my PC can't handle all those 4K textures ^^