Model looks a lot less detailed

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Hi everyone, first time sketchfab user and Im having difficulties replicating what I have in pix4d in Sketchfab, here are two screenshots, one from pix4d and the other after upload to SF.
I have followed the instructions provided by pix4d, I have uploaded in 4096 and 8192 resolution with no differance, I am uploading the .FXB and .MTL files.
Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Here is Sketchfab model

Here is pix4d


This model only has 100k faces, which seems quite low for a Pix4D scan. Do you have options to increase this during processing or export?

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Hi James, Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I havent been able to find that option in pix4d or the help pages.


Hmm, maybe this will help?

You should be able to set resolution during the Generate Texture Mesh step.