Model looks different on Sketchfab

I am new to this, aplogises if terminogloy is not correct.

I am working on a model of a ancient mould, it looks really goood on Agisoft, but loses it’s defination when uploaded to Sketchfab.

I exported the model as an OBJ file. Usually when I upload OBJ files there isn’t a problem.

Here is a screen shot of the model in Agisoft

a) front


Here is the uploaded model:
HCA 686 Mould (Hunt Museum)

Any help would greatly appreciated.

L 3D

It looks like you didn’t upload the texture maps for the model. After I disabled vertex colors, it turned all white. You should always disable vertex colors if your model contains texture maps. For 3D scans the effect will add up… For best results, also switch from ‘lit’ to ‘shadeless’ rendering, and in the post processing filters tab add a sharpness filter with a low value.


If you go through the Generate Textures part of the Agisoft workflow, and then export/upload to Sketchfab it should be ok. You can do this directly from the software ( File → Upload Model…

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