Model Missing Parts


(Jon Russell) #1

Not sure why but my model is now missing about 3/4 of the casing (its a model of a motor). I did not change anything, does anyone know how this happened or is anyone having similar results?



Hmm, is it this part that’s the problem?

(Jon Russell) #3

Yes, about 3/4 of the blue casing have disappeared. I thought it was something to do with the materials and transparency, but that would be weird because we have not edited or touched it for months.


That’s really strange, we’re not sure what could have changed recently to cause that. We’re looking into it!

(Jon Russell) #5

Great, thanks. Would be good to know because now I am bit scared the other 300 models might need checking! Will do it today.


It seems related to the parts of the skinned blender rig being dropped. We’re still investigating…

(Jon Russell) #8

Ok. The part that is missing seems to correlate to the cross section feature we are using. The user clicks a button and can hide or show a piece of the model, but the bit that is missing is normally shown. Very strange.

(Waleguene) #9

Hi @jon.russell,

Just to let you know that an issue (affecting meshes with only a few skinned vertices) has been fixed recently.
Your models looks good now :slight_smile:

(Note that you can use the “Save view” button in the Editor to recreate a new thumbnail with the missing part of the model)

(Jon Russell) #10

Nice, thanks for that!