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Model name and description

(Andy lewis) #1

I've noticed this before. Bit of bugbear.

If I get a little enthusiastic with my verbiage and overflow the character count, of course, I receive a polite message to that effect. However, if I then edit the text to come within the prescribed limits and click "save", nothing happens. The site goes off into some cyber neverland and I can't get its attention without cancelling the window, which, of course, deletes my text. All rather frustrating.

Ho hum!



(Bart) #2

Hm, I can't reproduce that. Could you write down which texts you try to enter? Also, which browser/OS do you use?

(Andy lewis) #3

Hah! Can't replicate it myself now! LOL

I'll post to this thread next time it happens.

BTW, using Latest OS X Yosemite and Safari



(Bart) #4

Okay, keep trying smile


Known bug, will be fixed asap!