Model Not completely white but instead is pollished white

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Sorry, decently new to Sketchfab here… My first model that ive ever uploaded has turned out white but is sort of shiny/silve looking… any idea of whats happening?

Model -

not sure if that link will work?? hopefully it does,

Thanks in advance.


Hello, welcome!

This is a common issue when using Cycles. We can’t really convert Cycles materials to our renderer, so the results are usually something like this.

It’s usually best to use Blender Render, and regular materials, textures, or vertex colors. Once Blender 2.8 becomes more stable, we plan to create a new exporter plugin for use with Eevee.

You could also try a tool like SimpleBake or BakeTool.

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Wow, thanks for the quick reply! will try doing what you suggest :slight_smile: