Model not displaying correctly

(Cheshire Creative) #1


This is a worrying one.
Could see this model just fine on my phone, workstation and laptop.
Sent the link to a potential customer and he sent me back the whiteout screengrab.
Any ideas what's happening?

This is the first model I've used with ambient occlusion. Don't know if that's relevant?

(Cheshire Creative) #2

Update - it is caused by the ambient occlusion post effect and happens on IE11 and Edge browsers.
Works fine on chrome.
Will have to revert to not using AE for now untill this is fixed.

(Stephomi) #3

Thanks, we'll investigate.

Can you provide a screen and tell us what your graphic card is (nvidia, intel?).

(Stephomi) #4

Ok nevermind, I can reproduce on Edge.

(Cheshire Creative) #5

OK, thanks. Good luck.

The AO looks great on Chrome.

(Stephomi) #6

Ok we found the issue on Edge, it will be fixed on next release.

(Cheshire Creative) #7

Excellent. Will it also work on Internet explorer?

When will the next release be?

(Stephomi) #8

Probably next week for the next release.

Yes it will also fix IE.

(Cheshire Creative) #9

Great, thanks for this.

(Stephomi) #10

@CheshireCreative The issue should be fixed by now!

(Cheshire Creative) #11

Not sure if this is related but when a scene is lit by environment the direct lights don't work...

(Stephomi) #12

On which device and which model? I can't reproduce.

(Cheshire Creative) #13

Just done another test model and it worked ok. Went back to the original model with the problem and it also now worked ok. Very confusing.
I previously got around it by turning the environment off and using a hemisphere light along with the direct light.

Will let you know if it happens again.