Model not displaying on mobile

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Does anyone know why this model* displays correctly on PC, but on mobile (Chrome browser on Android) I just get a black screen?

*Isaac - 3D model by lewis2e (@Lewis2e) - Sketchfab

(Paul Sketch) #2


Couldn’t reproduce here,
Could you provide a screenshot of on that android mobile ?

(Lewis2e) #3

Sure. Please find attached.

(Paul Sketch) #4

Thanks, will try to find a phone with a mali-g72 gpu to reproduce

When you use the model inspector (three plane icon on the lower right), do you get some render working ?
(no post-processing particularly, but if any other works, I’m interested to know.)

(Lewis2e) #5


So the results are inconsistent. I will do my best to describe it.

Working my way down the view types in the model inspector I get no change in the results (i.e. just a Black screen), until I get to wireframe.

Wireframe displays correctly. Then, working my way back up, they all display correctly up to and including “Base Color”. If I keep going, however, into “No Post-Processing”, I am back to a black screen. “Final Render” is also a black screen.

Working my way back down again for a second time they are all Black again until wireframe.

So basically it’s black until I view wireframe, and then all the Material Channels work. Viewing anything under the Render section breaks it again until I view wireframe again which fixes it. At no point does anything under the Render section display.

It’s a bit hard to describe. Does that make sense?

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Tried to record it @paul_sketch

(Paul Sketch) #7

Thanks a lot, very useful !