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Model not loading in safari but does in chrome


(Nickholl) #1


this model of mine doesn't seem to load in the safari browser but does in chrome (on my mac), and I'm not sure why... does everyone else have the same issue? If so would anybody know why?

Wheel by nickholl on Sketchfab

thanks guys!

(Prismfacades) #2

Hi Nickholl,

I can't view it either - and we are having the same problem with our models recently uploaded into Safari.

Bridge Scheme 3B by Prism Facades on Sketchfab

Sketchfab: is something broken for Safari?



(Cedric) #3

Yes, there is an issue with safari. We are on it. Looks like to be related with cubemap environment.


(Nickholl) #4

Oh ok - thanks for the info

(Dtinkler) #5

Any idea when this might be fixed? I rely on this for my course :smile:

(Code Designs Inc) #6

I hope this can be solved quickly (but efficiently), so I can start selling some homes. Keep up the hard work team. :smile:

(Moto Waganari) #7

Safari shows my models no longer. 2 days ago everything was still in order. Please solve the problem, because I just want my clients to introduce your great site. Right now, I am sorry to adjust my work!

Thank you

(Moto Waganari) #8

I have found that
some environments do not work with Safari.
Some are ok ...

(Cedric) #9

It's fixed, but if you still experience the issue, clear the cache of your browser.


(Kyle) #10

I'm still having this issue after clearing my cache—using Safari 9.1.1 on OS X 10.11.5.

A link to the model shown below.

(Since this was marked as resolved, let me know if I should make a new forum post.)


I cannot reproduce :confused:

Are there any errors in the Developer console during page load?

(Kyle) #12

Hi James. I just submitted a support request via the form on my model page before I saw your reply here.

I'm having this problem on both my desktop and my Macbook, so it doesn't seem like a machine issue on my side. Is this what you wanted to see regarding the console?

To be clear, it appears to be happening with all models that I view, not just mine. Oh, and everything loads fine if I use Chrome on either machine.


Hmm. Are you using any Ad Blocker?

(Kyle) #14

Yes, only for Safari (not Chrome), and on both machines. Possibly the culprit, but I just turned it off and it didn't help.


So weird. Could you hop over to the Network tab of the dev tools, refresh the page, and see if any of the requests fail?