Model not loading on Samsung Note 5


(Eric3dee) #1

My model, will not seem to load using either Chrome or Samsung's browser on my Note 5. The error suggests my browser has hit its 3D capability limit. It opened on an iPhone 6 just fine. Are features like lighting and DoF hindering my ability to view on certain mobile devices? Is there a way I can optimize the model to ensure it will open on my Note 5?

(Paul Sketch) #2

All samsung phone with latest update seems to be impacted.
We filed a report here:
If you log in into their system, you can then "star" the bug and then you'll get updates from their system.

Thanks for the report

main takeaway is that it does happen on all samsung phone with latest update/firmware of july (doesn't happen on june update) so s6, s7, galaxy note, etc are impacted.

(Uomlearningenvironments) #3

Yes I'm also having the same problem on the S6, can't load any models from the Sketchfab site in the Samsung Internet app on the GearVR.

(Paul Sketch) #4

Samsung Phone are working now.