Model not rendering correctly?


(Nwittie) #1

So, a model of mine is not showing up correctly as I upload it. In draft it flickers and shows a black screen you can still use the Rendering Options and find it that way but, all I will see is a black viewer. And once uploaded you can still see the model without the textures on it. The only thing that I have going off ismy lambert3SG not working properly. Any help?

My model:

This is what I am seeing on my end uploaded and in draft mode. You'll see the model without the textures.

(Abby Crawford) #2

It looks like you need to change the shading mode in 3D settings. What is it set on now? If it's on "lit", you may need to go into the lighting tab and turn on the lights.


The model looks ok to me. Could be a browser issue?

(Nwittie) #4

I thought that too. I am using Google Chrome and if I were to go and view other peoples models they all come out just fine no issues. I will check it out on another browser.

(Nwittie) #5

Good news. It shows up just fine in Firefox. with no issue. Might be Chrome for some reason.

(Nwittie) #6

The model was on "lit" and I turned on the lights but, still no change. I'm thinking it could be a browser issue but, everyone else's models shows up just fine. I'm using Chrome, I used Firefox and it shows up fine on there.

(Nwittie) #7

Alright! So, here is what I figured out! For some reason the "environment" choice in the lighting tab doesn't want to work properly in chrome(or something else?) but, if I turn it off and go with a blank background with the Sketchfab logo it appears just fine. So! I will stick with this and check later to see if I can figure it out what the issue is.

Thanks for the help!


What Operating System are you on?

(Nwittie) #9

I am using Windows 10.

(Nebojsa Radunovic) #10

I have pretty much same issue on my end for me it shows always black screen for models that don't have something like glasses that are semi transparent or something similar. I found that this issue may be related to models that use substance (files, or format or such) somewhere, since it doesn't show on other models.

I am also using Windows 10 and Google Chrome, I didn't check with other browser but I don't really think it is related to chrome itself.

(Stephomi) #11

If we can't reproduce and it is working fine in firefox (or Edge?), I'm leaning towards a chrome/gpu combo issue.

If you have time, it would be great if you could try with chrome canary (I don't advise beta as it can fiddle with your stable chrome profile, but canary is a separate entity so it should be fine).