Model not showing

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My latest model is not showing. It says it was uploaded OK but in preview or the published view nothing can be seen. Is there a bug or some server problem at the moment or somethng wrong with the model. It was on there before, this is just an updated version.


Law Giver- Monty Version 4 by montagueflange on Sketchfab


Hmm. Can you try compressing it into a ZIP file before re-uploading?

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OK will do.

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Still not showing.


Hmm. Can you send me the STL file?

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I did message you a while back

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it seems that the STL you upload is not well formatted. You uploaded an ASCII-encoded STL that does not start with solid (see "spec").
In this case we try to read a (partial) binary STL and we naturally fail to extract meaningful data but our processing doesn't fail per se so you end up with nothing visible.
We will likely improve support for badly formatted STL files but in the meantime if you just remove your blank line at the beginning of your file and reupload it you should be fine.

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Blank line at the start ?

I was made with 123D There is no ASCII option to save it

(Mrchlblng) #9

Your file starts with

<blank line>
solid ascii
  facet normal 0.000000e+000 -8.589067e-002 0.000000e+000

If you simply remove that blank line using a text editor and then reupload, your model will be processed correctly.

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I've no idea what you mean. Can you open an STL in Wordpad ?


Yes, all files are really just text files. Here's a video showing what to do. I'm on a Mac, but the process should be more or less the same on Windows:

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I get that :slight_smile: I know the file is OK as I have printed it and had it uploaded before. It's all very strange.



Thanks for your patience.

You should be able to upload your original STL file now: