Model of Tell er Ras excavations

(Bisenberger) #1

The model was assembled in Rhino 3D and prepped for Sketchfab in modo.

TR Oliver Model by bisenberger on Sketchfab

(Abby Crawford) #2

Excellent use of section drawings! :smile: I wonder if any of the old excavation photos would be usable for 3D reconstruction... Really well done - nice job.

(Bisenberger) #3

Hi abbyec,
They would have been very useful. Unfortunately not many have survived or can be found.

(Abby Crawford) #4

That's a shame, @bisenberger. It's great that the section drawings have survived, though, and that you've been able to do something fabulous with them.

(Ben Kreunen) #5

Excellent reuse of existing data. Provides so much more context