Model preview issue (Reported by a user)

(Ettienne) #1

Hi folks,

So a few days ago I uploaded a character animation (Lyra Verricke), about a yesterday I got a message through deviantart about a user having some issues viewing the model:

"Sadly it appears broken? The shins, arms, and eyes seem to function but everything else is stretched!"

On my end, everything displays correctly, both in sketchfab and blender, so I asked if the user could possibly take a screenshot of it, as well as letting me know what sort of machine he is trying to view the model on. That said, the character model is quite low poly compared to other models I've uploaded in the past, and they seemed to have rendered fine for everyone before.

Can anyone else maybe test to see if they get the same issue on the character as the user who sent me the message? As said before, on my end it renders perfectly fine. Here is a screenshot and system specs of the user who sent me the message about the model.

Just want to know if this problem might be fixable in any sort of way? (I did mention to him though, that it could possibly be his system that is struggling to render it.)

Result that the user seems to get:

User's System Spec:

[Animation] - Lyra Verricke

(Stephomi) #2

We are looking into it.

Would it be possible to have a screenshot from (especially Max Vertex Uniform Vectors)

Thanks for the report!

(Ettienne) #3

Hi Stephomi,

Apologies for the delay. Here is the information as requested, one is from my own system (if it would help), and one is from the user who informed me of the issues he was experiencing.

User's WebGL Info

Vertex Shader---------------------------
Max Vertex Attributes: 16
Max Vertex Uniform Vectors: 1024
Max Vertex Texture Image Units: 16
Max Varying Vectors: 30
Best float precision: -2127, 2127
Transform Feedback--------------------------
Coming in WebGL 2
Aliased Line Width Range: [1, 1]
Aliased Point Size Range: [1, 1024]
Fragment Shader----------------------------
Max Fragment Uniform Vectors: 1024
Max Texture Image Units: 16
float/int precision: highp/highp
Best float precision: -2127, 2127
Max Color Buffers: 8
RGBA Bits: [8, 8, 8, 8]
Depth / Stencil Bits: [24, 8]
Max Render Buffer Size: 8192
Max Viewport Dimensions: [8192, 8192]

My Screenshot

Hope it helps. The user only sent me the above info, despite asking for a screenshot, hope the info he provided helps.