Model problems after adding base

Hello everyone, I’m new to photogrammetry so the problem I have might seem a little stupid.
I made a model of a small statue I added the base with meshmixer, inspect tool, I added a base with blender aswell but the result wasn’t that good. I tried to import the model in unreal engine, however after adding the base, textures don’t work anymore on my model, it’s original texture doesn’t work and I tested other textures and I had the same problem. The model just gets dark gray. How can I fix this?

Hi @zepaemanuel and welcome to the forum.

It could potentially be a lot of differnet things breaking your textures - can you share a little more information about your issue?

  • what photogrammetry software are you using?
  • can you share a link to the model on Sketchfab so we can troubleshoot live?

It may simply be that your textures have not been assigned / packed on export from Meshmixer or Blender.