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Model Rotates When it Shouldn't


(Dylagent) #1

New to Sketchfab, quick question regarding my model rotation.
It rotates slightly counter clockwise as the animation continues, and I don't have auto-spin enabled and it does not rotate inside of Maya, as a .ma or as a .fbx file. Is there a way to fix this?
I've tried reuploading it several times with fully baked animations and geometries and such, as well as deleting all non-deformer histories and checking the graph editor for extra keyframes.
I read that there were some animation compression that were happening with other people's models and was wondering if that was the case on Sketchfab's end here as well.

Thank you!


Thanks for the report. Yes it looks like this might be related to the other animation rotation issues. We don't have a solution yet, but we're still investigating!

(Jorditorres) #3

Hi @Dylagent,

A fix was shipped to production. It should be working now.

Thanks for your patience.