Model shakes and looks low res after upload

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Hello everyone. This is my first post here, but I need some help. For some reason, when I upload a certain model it comes out looking very low res (blocky) and actually shakes when you try to move it around in Sketchfab. I have an example here if you want to take a look.

The model was created in Photoscan Pro with images taken from a small UAV. I was originally told by someone here that it was due to the large size, but I see many other models here that cover much more space and have many, many more faces. I've tried uploading the model straight from PS as well as exporting it and then uploading through the Sketchfab web UI. What could this be?


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Hello Terry,

Some possible solutions to this problem here:


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The problem is not the number of faces, but the coordinates range (too big or too small).

In this particular example, all the points of the model are defined in a bounding sphere centered around [39, -76, 6] with radius 0.0013.
In Layman's term, your model is very very small. And the fact that your model is not centered in the origin [0,0,0] makes it worst, I think (float distribution is not uniform).

It can be shaky if the model is enormous too.

We'll try to improve the detection of such problems in the future (it's not top priority though smiley )... but for now rescaling and centering your model should solve the issue.

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Hey @elevatedelement, were you able to fix this with the help from @james and @stephomi?

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I don't think it's bad at all. Awesome earthquake effect! Best viewed in wireframe mode. You can actually see the earthquake tearing the faces appart.
I like it. I think you should try to reproduce the effect to simulate vibrations in another scne.