Model spamming rules

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I wanted to ask if it would be considered spam, or frowned upon to use sketchfab as a mode of displaying materials, ie, mat balls/ mat cubes, en-mass as collections. And if this is an okay use, what is the best category to submit objects like this into.

Also, are there any unofficial or fuzzy rules to the stated "unlimited uploads" that would be terrible to find out too late?

Can we build libraries on here, or is this service more for trimmed and neatly finished, unique projects?


Thanks for reaching out about this!

This had been a concern when the main landing page for users was all models. It wasn't very nice to see 100s of the same model filling up the gallery. However, now that we have a proper newsfeed and better browsing categories, it's not really an issue anymore.

So, yes! We would love you to build libraries here, and we encourage works in progress, experiments, etc.

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That's great to hear, is there any way we could get a category just for "Materials" or could you recommend the best category for a bunch of material displays, like material cubes with many different materials being shown off?


Hmm, I guess Games → Assets and Games → Technical are the closest we have right now.

We're planning some changes to the categories, so I'll see if we can add something more appropriate for this use-case like "Materials".

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Thank you very much kind sir!